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Vehicle Trackers (GPS) can help you locate and track your vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, etc. Togree not only offers GPS fleet tracking devices with basic features, such as real-time tracking, SOS alarm, and geofence, ACC detection but also supplies vehicle trackers with high-end functions, such as temperature monitoring, fuel monitoring, RS232, RS485. Equipped with a GPS tracker for vehicles, you can enhance fleet security, improve stolen vehicle recovery(SVR) rate and maximize each vehicle runtime.

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Our vehicle trackers can send SMS, call or send emails to prevent theft, and alert you in emergency times.


Our tracking platform allows you to track your vehicle across all devices, feeding your vehicle's real-time location and movement, so you will be able to closely monitor all your vehicles from anywhere at any time. A well-equipped self-defense equipment and GPS tracking solution will help you protect yourself and your belongings.


You can create designated routes and locations, and when your vehicle is out of the selected region, you get alerts or calls to inform you.

How Our Vehicle Trackers work

Our Vehicle trackers utilize the Global Navigation Satellite System, which provides you with the ability to track data such as speeding, idling, unauthorized usage, and providing accurate data to keep up with maintenance.

Car Rental

Increase your business efficiency and reduce the cost of vehicle theft and damages by tracking leased cars and getting alert on drivers' behaviors for overspeeding cases.

Fleet Management

With Togree's vehicle trackers, you can effectively manage your fleet by creating faster routes for drivers while checking on speed limits to reduce wear and tear in vehicles which could incur more maintenance costs.

Corparate Cars

Using vehicle trackers will cut down employees from unauthorized use of vehicles, and it can also help in calculating fuel usage, which would be beneficial in predicting routine cost.

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