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With Asset Tracker, here you track physical assets by either scanning bar-code labels that are attached to these assets or we use tags using GPS, BLE, or RFID which point to their location. We majorly focus on tracking items that businesses permanently own and use repeatedly.

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Waterproof and dustproof capabilities

Our asset trackers can withstand harsh weather conditions like raining and dusty environments while functioning at a stable rate under these extreme conditions.

Extensive long battery Life

Our Asset trackers come with an ultra-long battery life that helps you optimize and locate assets faster even if the carrier power is down.

Real-Time tracking

Our Asset trackers provide an easy synchronization between the location of assets and the monitoring devices which can be personal computers to mobile devices.

How Our Asset Trackers work

Togree's Asset trackers provide a visual representation of your asset's location with unique features like Geofencing alerts. Leveraging intuitive charts and reports dashboard would drastically improve your workflow


Asset trackers help trailer owners and managers to optimize their fleets to increase business profit and reduce loss without stressing out, especially while dealing with large fleet size and workforce.

Rental Tools and Equipment

Keeping track of your rental assets like their movement and usage in the long term will help your business minimize damages and increase profit rapidly.

Cargo containers

Getting real-time tracking from your cargos' departure and current location will help your business reduce operational cost while lowering the risk of lost or damaged cargos.

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